Classic Business Cards Of Tech Legends

While you have plenty of options to leave an impression online, offline, the business card still serves a primary use for the “here’s how you can contact me” approach. There are plenty of very interesting business card designs but if you have ever wondered what the business cards of tech legends like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak looked like, have we got a compilation for you.

Below are 15 name cards belonging to people who have made a huge mark in the online and tech world. These names are probably not unfamiliar to the lot of you even though the designs really reflect the days of yesteryears. Some cards exude formality, others a sense of cheekiness. How far they’ve come from the days these business cards were making their rounds.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. The co-founder and CEO of Facebook has the world at his fingertips and made himself clear to the world with the phrase “I’m CEO, Bitch” on his name card. (Image Source: anthonylee)

mark zuckerberg

Steve Jobs, Apple. Back in the day, the founder of Apple went by with a relatively simple name card. (Image Source: ofisyasami)

steve jobs

Jerry Yang, Yahoo!. The chief of Yahoo opted for a more fun approach with his name card. And just look at that email: You can’t find emails like that anymore. (Image Source: bitrebels)

jerry yang

Eric Schmidt, Google. Google’s former CEO and now executive chairman used a formal and simple name card to introduce himself to fellow businessmen. The color for g seemed a little different though. (Image Source: bitrebels)

eric schmidt

Bill Gates, Microsoft. The backbone of Microsoft used bright orange as the colour palette for his name card. He even used his given name, William. (Image Source: designtaxi)

bill gates

Larry Page, Google. The co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page made sure everyone knew the company he was working for with the massive Google! logo in the centre. (Image Source: businessinsider)

larry page

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Wozniak went for a different approach as compared to Jobs. The co-founder of Apple opted for a metallic, almost credit-card-like feel for his name card. (Image Source: topdesignmag)

steve wozniak

Evan Williams, Twitter. Williams went for a very simple design for his business card. It looks like it is made from recycled paper! (Image Source: clubsoda)

evan williams

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla. Mozilla’s former chairman bore the original dinosaur logo of Mozilla on her business card. (Image Source: lizardwrangler)

mitchell baker

Meg Whitman, HP. CEO of Hewlett-Packard keeping it simple with her business card. (Image Source: startiger)

meg whitman

Tim Berners-Lee, founder of WWW. A man that many people thank today for inventing the world wide web, Berners-Lee went by with this classic business card design. (Image Source: telenet)

tim berners-lee

Kevin Mitnick, ‘World’s Most Wanted’ hacker. Even the world’s most wanted hacker had his very own business card! It certainly is made to impress! (Image Source: acumendesign)

kevin mitnick

Richard Stallman, GNU. Stallman is known for his free software movement and for launching the GNU project – and less on his unusual sense of humor. (Image Source: cngulu)

richard stallman

Wright Brothers, Cycle Company. The Wright brothers were known to have built the world’s first successful airplane. This was the name card they used when they started their own company. (Image Source: psprint)

wright brothers

John Donahoe, eBay. eBay is famous for being a successful platform for online shopping. The CEO used a classic design for his business card. (Image Source: auctiva)

john donahoe


Safari Imaginaire, inspiration is all around you!

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II in France, Heaven agency and dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink got approached to create a new communication campaign, Safari Imaginaire, that brings a refreshing artistic point of view.

The Samsung France team has been seduced by the work of dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink, who through her creations, gives another worldview: poetic and sublime. Tineke Meirink work is based on photographs taken in urban and reworks them to reveal shapes and characters, thus giving us a different vision of the world.

15 Foldable Gadgets And Concepts You Should See

Flexbook by Hao Chun Huang. The unique design of the device combines the best of both worlds: netbook productivity in tablet size. It’s compact for storage and great for travel. The foldable screen and keyboard to give its users extra portability and protection.

Folding Pen Mouse by Yoon Son. It is both a mouse and a stylus. The mouse consists of two swivel-mounted halves, so it can be folded. When you fold it, the magnetic lock triggers and the mouse turns into a stylus.

Viva Foldable Smartphone Speakers by Jang Se-Chan. Inspired by origami this awesome cube-shaped speakers can be folded flat and can be connected to iPhone via the dock and to Android phones via Bluetooth.

Kyocera’s EOS Phone. Now this is a smartphone you can store away easily. This phone has a flexible EOS screen that allows you to fold it up to wallet size. The problem of combining portable phone size and a huge screen in one device is finally solved.

Cush Laptop Sleeve by Angelo Cacchione. The Cush Laptop Sleeve is a cool laptop protector case and a desktop pad at the same time. Thanks to its structure this protector will neatly envelope your computer. The front cover panel can be curled under itself to create a raised roll for wrist support.

Pocketable Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones & Tablets by myType™ Keyboard. Bluetooth-enabled and can be folded into your pocket, this expandable keyboard is extremely durable, and available in various colors: green, white, blue, pink, and black.

TidyTilt Magnetic Foldable iPhone Case by TT Design LabsThis amazing iPhone case cover functions as an adjustable kickstand, a magnetic mount, and earbud or cable winder. Flaps keep your contents safe, and you can even just stick this case onto a magnetic bar.

Foldable Speaker by designaffairs. This vividly colorful speaker can be folded in a flat slim bar and opened when necessary. When the device is in use, it looks like a hollow triangular shape. Bright and portable, you’ll surely stand out of the music-loving crowd.

Impossible for BAPE Polaroid Camera Set-9. This is not a cigarette box. It holds the BAPE Polaroid Camera Set-9. Despite its vintage look, it comes with pretty modern features, plus an orange bag with a cute pattern.

Accordion-like Folding Speakers. Take a look at these accordion-like folding speakers that are easy to transport and handle. It’s ideal for travelers, as you can always find room in your luggage for this tiny gadget when it’s folded.

Foldable FLeX 4.2 Media CenterThis media center can be folded and moved easily without relocating any cables. You can turn it into a portable cube or a spread out rectangle depending on your needs and furnishings.

Roll-up Foldable Induction Cooktop by Goci. This roll-up portable cooktop is the best solution for limited kitchen space. The heating component can be folded while the electronic parts are kept in a case much like that of a hard drive.

Roll Up Electronic Piano by Lujex. If you love playing music, no matter where you go, you can take this handy electronic keyboard with you and have a party! This musical gadget is highly easy to transport in the form of a mini cylinder.

Feno Foldable Notebook by Niels van Hoof. This laptop has a normal full size screen, despite the fact that in folded form it looks like it can only fit a keyboard. It has a unique look as its native keyboard is half the size of regular keyboards.

Portable Solar Battery Charger Panels. Your mobile gadgets can never last long enough? Get power from the sun with these foldable solar panels. Moreover, they can charge two tablets at the same time. The best solution for traveling couples.