Most Creative Business Cards That Will Attract your Customers

Get your customers attracted with your design skills & impress with creative business cards, see some wonderful shapes, materials used in modern business cards

Irrespective of the type of your business, business cards play a leading role in the growth and popularity of your business. Business owners are competing heavily with each other on the internet and your business card can make you stand out from the crazy crowd. Everyone is putting in creative ways to attract and retain the attention of clients.

People are always brainstorming to come up with unique cards which will perhaps be emulated by others. Today we are presenting the top 50 creative business cards which will mesmerize your clients totally.

1. Laser cut business card


 2. German Torres


 3. Face to a name


Putting a face to a name is an innovative idea brought out by Reactor.

4. Black and white pattern with a gold name logo


5. Relaciones Publicas


 6. Tabs


If many individuals from a firm are handing out business cards, this kind of tab style will allow easy organization for recipients.

7. Vitor Bonates


This card has been created by designer Vitor Bonates, who is also a music lover.

8. Business card by Moises Guillen


 9. QR Codes


This is a creation by Thomas Low.

10. Business cards by Sandrine Abraham


11. Stencil


Stencil is an eye-catching design by David Gasperini.

12. BDH Millwork


Leftover wood provides the material for a creative business card made by Wax-an advertising studio from Canada.

13. Martina Cavalieri’s creation


 14. Custom Die Cut Cupcake


 15. Your url


If you want to emphasize your presence on the web for a corporate or personal brand, this business card can clearly make a statement.

16. Powell Peralta


This design has been created by the amazing bunch at JukeboxPrint and is an ideal skateboard business card.

17. Phyllis Gan Business Card


18. Hands business card


 19. Hacker


If you’re a web freak or a coder, this is the best way to present your skills.

 20.Stationery Business Card


21. Bon Vivant


This is a creative business card made by ad agency JWT for Brazilian cheese outlet-Bon Vivant.

22. Lilla Bolecz’s business card


 23. PostFaust Business Card


 24. Not only a card


This is not only a card as it has real lawn seeds and is created by creative agency STRUCK.

25. Engraved


Engraved business card has been created by designer John T Kim from New York.

26. Matthieu Rossat’s business card


 27. Simon Wenger


 28. Hungry


A cute business card which you’d probably like to eat.

29. Bentply


This card has been designed by designer Richard C Evans for London-based furniture outlet Bentply.

30. Francesca Sardigna’s creation


 31. Fuelhaus Business Card


 32. Snack Time


Designed by folks at Canada-based Rethink.

33. Greek


This business card has been designed by creative agency DraftFCB from Cape Town.

34. Federica Sutera’s creation


 35. Jake Mates Business Card


 36. Useful


A business card that can be used as a tool.

37. Choko La


This is the second collection in the list by Draft FCB.

38. Christian Vogtlin’s card


 39. Pierre Desmarias


 40. Natural


This card has a wooden design which makes it natural.

41. Elena Mirosedina


This outstanding design has been created by Ukraine-based graphic designer Tanya Kozlova.

42. Marina Marjina’s business card


 43. Leafy Die Cut


 44. Stretch it out


This card has to be stretched so that you can read it.

45. Business Card by Jill Lockhart


 46. Custom Letterpress Design


 47. Photo Genius


 48. Business card by Leo Mesa


 49.Carrie Wong Business Card


 50. Clear


This is a transparent style card.



Classic Business Cards Of Tech Legends

While you have plenty of options to leave an impression online, offline, the business card still serves a primary use for the “here’s how you can contact me” approach. There are plenty of very interesting business card designs but if you have ever wondered what the business cards of tech legends like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak looked like, have we got a compilation for you.

Below are 15 name cards belonging to people who have made a huge mark in the online and tech world. These names are probably not unfamiliar to the lot of you even though the designs really reflect the days of yesteryears. Some cards exude formality, others a sense of cheekiness. How far they’ve come from the days these business cards were making their rounds.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. The co-founder and CEO of Facebook has the world at his fingertips and made himself clear to the world with the phrase “I’m CEO, Bitch” on his name card. (Image Source: anthonylee)

mark zuckerberg

Steve Jobs, Apple. Back in the day, the founder of Apple went by with a relatively simple name card. (Image Source: ofisyasami)

steve jobs

Jerry Yang, Yahoo!. The chief of Yahoo opted for a more fun approach with his name card. And just look at that email: You can’t find emails like that anymore. (Image Source: bitrebels)

jerry yang

Eric Schmidt, Google. Google’s former CEO and now executive chairman used a formal and simple name card to introduce himself to fellow businessmen. The color for g seemed a little different though. (Image Source: bitrebels)

eric schmidt

Bill Gates, Microsoft. The backbone of Microsoft used bright orange as the colour palette for his name card. He even used his given name, William. (Image Source: designtaxi)

bill gates

Larry Page, Google. The co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page made sure everyone knew the company he was working for with the massive Google! logo in the centre. (Image Source: businessinsider)

larry page

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Wozniak went for a different approach as compared to Jobs. The co-founder of Apple opted for a metallic, almost credit-card-like feel for his name card. (Image Source: topdesignmag)

steve wozniak

Evan Williams, Twitter. Williams went for a very simple design for his business card. It looks like it is made from recycled paper! (Image Source: clubsoda)

evan williams

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla. Mozilla’s former chairman bore the original dinosaur logo of Mozilla on her business card. (Image Source: lizardwrangler)

mitchell baker

Meg Whitman, HP. CEO of Hewlett-Packard keeping it simple with her business card. (Image Source: startiger)

meg whitman

Tim Berners-Lee, founder of WWW. A man that many people thank today for inventing the world wide web, Berners-Lee went by with this classic business card design. (Image Source: telenet)

tim berners-lee

Kevin Mitnick, ‘World’s Most Wanted’ hacker. Even the world’s most wanted hacker had his very own business card! It certainly is made to impress! (Image Source: acumendesign)

kevin mitnick

Richard Stallman, GNU. Stallman is known for his free software movement and for launching the GNU project – and less on his unusual sense of humor. (Image Source: cngulu)

richard stallman

Wright Brothers, Cycle Company. The Wright brothers were known to have built the world’s first successful airplane. This was the name card they used when they started their own company. (Image Source: psprint)

wright brothers

John Donahoe, eBay. eBay is famous for being a successful platform for online shopping. The CEO used a classic design for his business card. (Image Source: auctiva)

john donahoe

Traveling Container Hotel Rooms Like Jenga

At first glance, the Hive-Inn resembles a colorful set of stacked blocks that are reminiscent of the fun-yet-challenging game, Jenga. They are much than that, of course, and the individual elements make up a proposed hotel concept by Hong Kong-based architects at OVA Studio. The building, designed for the Radical Innovation Awards, is composed of recycled shipping containers whose modular design allows for rooms to be traded in and out without disturbing the surrounding containers.

This clever concept presents extensive branding opportunities. Since portions of the hotel can be changed, containers could be temporarily sponsored by companies like Ferrari, who would decorate the space inside and out. It would give fans of the product the opportunity to live in a place that’s crafted with a brand’s unique sensibility and aesthetic. As different partnerships begin and end, the exterior would always have something new for you to see.

Although presented as a hotel, the architects see other possibilities for Hive-Inn. They envision it for use in emergency housing or medical care units. Mobile apartments or offices are another option. Imagine if your home traveled with you as you moved from one country to another – you’d never be far from a warm, familiar place.

Unique Business Card Designs

If you are asked to recall your favorite business card, I bet you don’t have an answer for it. No worries, me neither because who notices the generic look for business cards? Fact of the matter is, for many people, their business card is also a promotional tool for them, particularly when they are not attached to any organization – and some of them are really great attention-grabbers.

While most of us will fall back on a business card template or the minimalistic style, after going through all the considerations required of the card that will sell your services for you, sometimes it’s good to just let down your hair and have fun with it.

(Image Source: Beasty Design)

playful business card


Bentply. Richard’s Bentply business card lets you play a paper folding game while learning about the brand, talking about efficiency!(Image Source: Richard C Evans)



Cardapult V2. If you want your business card stand out from the rest, congrats, this Cardapult card is available for purchase.

(Image Source: Cardnetics)

cardapult v2

Easel. Want your client to keep your business card on their work desk? Give them a reason to. (Image Source: Egil Paulsen)


Frizitka. Let your fashion sense run wild with Frizitka, a hairdresser company. They are definitely having fun with their business cards. (Image Source: Igor Perkusic)


iPhone. Someone’s an iPhone and Facebook fan. One does not simply laugh at this card without touching on it. (Image Source: Beasty Design)


Junpiter Futbol. Sports companies, here’s an idea to steal for your business card. Bravo! (Image Source: Bravo Company)

junpiter futbol

Krakatua Greeting Card. I doubt people will forget these 3D business cards once they played with it. (Image Source: yienkeat)

krakatua greeting card

krakatua greeting card

Web Design Harlow. I will not be surprised to hear this web design company getting more business. (Image Source: We Are Sweet)

web design harlow

Mais Pilates. While this is certainly an entertaining toy, it also perfectly explains the core benefit of doing Pilates: to develop better posture and flexibility. (Image Source: Marketdata)

mais pilates

Mogibo. Now your potential client is not only going to remember your brand, but also your face for a great time to come. (Image Source: Mogibo)


Gabe Ferreira. Why make a business card when you can just print the brand out? (Image Source: Gabe Ferreira)

gabe ferreira

Ninja BTL. The only problem with this business card is the receiver will throw it around, for fun! (Image Source: Ninja BTL)

ninja btl

Sparkle Labs. Sparkle Labs just used its electronic kit product to build business cards. Pretty expensive, but it is going to be the most impressive one you would ever receive. Light ‘em up. (Image Source: Sparkle Labs)

sparkle labs

Penny Shooter. “Shoot pennies with my business card!” I doubt if saying this will bring me any business but hey, nobody hates a penny shooter. (Image Source: Cardnetics)

penny shooter

Tiny Pants. You don’t need to read the business card to know what this company is delivering. Maximum marketing effectiveness. (Image Source: Bravo Company)

tiny pants

Creative 404 Error Page Design

When you type in the wrong web address, you end up on a 404 page. Most companies have boring 404 pages that try to get you back the site’s main page. But some clever companies do more. They use 404 pages to have fun. We have a round up the best 404 pages on the web.

24-4 Media


Design agency 1Minus1’s 404 page:




Brand Crowd’s 404 page:’s former 404 page:'s former 404 page:

 The page was presumably changed because Justin found love. Good for you, Justin.



Home Star Runner

 Home Star Runner

Cranium Creations

404 page of Cranium Creations


404 page of Espinoza