Surreal Scenes without Photoshop

South Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates extraordinary surreal scenes (Non-Digital) in her small 3 x 6 m studio. That’s right! She turns her small studio room into dreamscapes without using Photoshop. She adds plastic creativity and theatrical performance to it, in order to blow life into her immense needs of expression, and interrogation.


Creative Food Art by Daryna Kossar

Visual artist and photographer Daryna Kossar based in Kiev, Ukraine, has some amazing food art for you to check out. Make sure to watch the video below to see how she creates them.








From Toilet Roll To Paper Art

If your creativity is wild, no medium is a limitation. This fact is exceptionally true with Anastassia Elias, a french artist who collects toilet rolls and turns them into great works of unbelievable art. You read it right, toilet roll. And not only is the choice of medium odd, the way they are worked into incredible depictions of life is freakier.

creative toilet paper rollLet’s take a short stroll through a small version of this artist’s art gallery with these 12 sculptures that show how creative the roll can go. You’ll never look at your empty toilet paper roll the same way again.

Swing. I bet you didn’t expect to find a child swinging from a tree in a toilet roll. The shapes are simple, but they are more than enough to convey life.


Boxing. What’s the secret that makes the world inside the roll look so lively? Answer – the backlit!


Horse Racing. Anastassia Elias is not limited to the limited space inside a roll; in fact she even turns it into an advantage with half-depicted figures. Also I like the sense of motion expressed here.

horse racing

Cowboys. Well, howdy cowboys. Silhouette shapes actually leave their details for the viewers to fantasize about. What story did you come up with, when you see these cowboy silhouettes?


Circus Jugglers. The act of juggling is made precise with the right shapes and positioning in this particular sculpture.

circus jugglers

Amusement Park. A whole amusement park comes alive here! The lesson of th day: think out of the roll.

amusement park

Rain. Perhaps it is too much to ask for rain but those people really look like they are trying to get out of the rain. The two in the background sharing the same umbrella is oh-so lifelike.


Miners. They really look like they are mining this toilet roll for what it’s worth, with their feet embedded in the rubble.


Holiday Night. On a lighter note, the paper trees are formed using tweezers, and concentrated patience. The outcome is natural and relaxing.

holiday night

Zoo. It’s a zoo in here. Visitors are kept outside of the enclosure with a thin bar but you can see how excited they are to see the giraffes.


Aquarium. It’s not just the ground, you can build any world inside the roll. Also this incredible version makes the fish fly in mid-air.


Mill. And here lies the secret of how she does it. Anastassia uses paper of same color to blend the paper figure into the roll seamlessly. Everything else that makes the sculpture come alive is based on her ingenuity and attention to detail.


A view ~ Basketball


Impressive Leaf Art

Lorenzo Manuel Durán is a self-taught artist from Spain that started off with oil paintings on canvas. One day he was inspired by a leaf-eating caterpillar to switch to leaf canvases instead! Initial trials ended up with a lot of “wounded” leaves that end up in the trash but after a while, Lorenzo could create surgical-level leafy masterpieces with just dental utilities, a scalpel, and his hands (find out more on the process he uses here).

Lorenzo has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in the last few years, and is constantly looking for ideas for new leaf art pieces. His work is available for purchase on his website and Facebook profile. The following showcase of leaf cutting art by Lorenzo Manuel Durán serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you follow your dreams.

MARÍA (inspired by his daughter)






























Miniature Pencil Works

Sometimes we can’t even manage to sharpen a pencil without breaking it several times. No need to emphasize that we were quite impressed when spotting Diem Chau’s amazing works that she carves out of Crayola crayons or the tip of a pencil. Inspired by the crafts of native American folk art, the Vietnam born artist uses tiny tools to create delicate sculptures of animals and people out of her unusual medium.

NYC Landmark Crayons



Plant Sculpture Festival

Best horticultural artists of the world are showcasing their works at the international mosaiculture competition Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal, held in Canada. As explained in the official website of the event, mosaiculture “is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made primarily from plants with colourful foliage (generally annuals, and occasionally perennials).” 22 000 works will be showcased in 10 exhibition greenhouses and 30 themed gardens till September 29. Do pay a visit if you’re in Canada, the works are enchanting!


Image credits: Guy Boily

Image credits: fotoproze

Image credits: rcgriffith7

Image credits: fotoproze

Image credits: rcgriffith7

Image credits: fotoproze

Image credits: JoKodak

Image Credit MountainLake

Image Credit Virtual Garden




The Art Of Lego Brick

Some artists use paint, others bronze – But for Nathan Sawaya he chooses to build his awe-inspiring art out of toy building blocks. Nathan Sawaya is a New York-based artist who creates awe-inspiring works of art out of some of the most unlikely things. His recent global museum exhibitions feature large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks. LEGO® bricks to be exact. A full-time independent artist, Sawaya accepts commission requests and shows his art in galleries in New York, Miami and Maui.

Today Sawaya has more than 2.5 million colored bricks in his New York and Los Angeles art studios. His work is obsessively and painstakingly crafted and is both beautiful and playful. Sawaya’s ability to transform LEGO bricks into something new, his devotion to scale and color perfection, the way he conceptualizes the action of the subject matter, enables him to elevate an ordinary toy to the status of fine art.*9or8HAEBTApwSLTdsPGoUWWnNaGRAE6laq0ONsJcg*5291BJS3KFRbHXzylN1lad-6Va64/Gray2.jpg

Work Of Art: Intricate Leaf Carvings

Fallen leaves sure don’t make Chen Liming all that nostalgic, as he uses them to create amazingly detailed carvings. Here are the leaf carving work with Tai chi pattern in Jiaozuo city, central China’s Henan Province. Leaf Carving is a new art form that originates from China. This is a very delicate and time taking art process, its not easy for a skilled artisan to take a delicate precision with the help of a knife.

In the process  of leaf carvings, leaf is slowly scrapped of its outer layers and eventually it reveals a almost transparent surface. In leaf carving a lot of special care is taken to keep the veins of leaf intact so that the carving does not spoil the stability of the leaf. This process of leaf carving takes months of careful and delicate work for a single leaf. When is leaf carving is finished, it is preserved and framed so that the same will last for decades. The most preferred leaf for such carving is of the ‘Chinar” tree, which is found mostly in India, Pakistan and China. In Chinese culture, Chinar tree is a symbol of luck and prosperity, thus mostly used for leaf carvings.


Folk artist Chen Liming shows his leaf carving works with Tai Chi pattern

Street Artist’s Miniature Figures

Street artist Roy’s People have started a (little) man hunt in London to raise awareness of homelessness.

Artist Roy Tyson (aka Roy’s People), famous for creating miniature figures and a world of cheeky micro-installations, collaborated with the Big Issue Foundation on a competition to raise awareness of the untold stories from those living life on the streets. The Big Issue is a magazine sold by homeless and long-term unemployed people in the UK.

It’s a brilliant example of inspiring street art that really sets out to make a difference to these hard working people and their situations. An inventive and creative project that we’re sure will get the attention it thoroughly deserves.




Photoset: Hilarious Stuffed Hair

Ahmad El-Abi is an Egyptian artist who studied medicine and found his true passion and devotion in conceptual arts & photography. He manages his projects from their conceptual Stage to the final product creation, doing every single step from A to Z on his own. His photos reflect a variety of subjects inspired by everyday experiences. He seeks to develop innovative and untraditional ways to embody visual impulses in his artwork.

The self-portraits are delightfully fun and quirky, featuring an abundance of colors, extra props, and a clear sense of humor. El-Abi stuffs his hair with objects ranging from dried pasta, Legos, and crazy straws to matches, colorful clothespins, and pinwheels. El-Abi says, “I hope to inspire others to open their eyes, to do what they love and to discover more about what they can do, because when I started photography three years ago, I didn’t know I would be doing conceptual/creative photography. I really love it when someone says my photos cheer them up because they are colorful and funny.”