Matchstick Men By Wolfgang Stiller

Wolfgang Stiller is a fantastic installation artist who resides in Berlin, Germany. Wolfgang Stiller had been experimenting with leftover art material in his studio when he began his matchstick project with molds of Chinese faces and bamboo.

Wolfgang stated that he has two different ways to kick-start his creative process. The first one starts with an idea, a concept, then he starts looking for the right materials; the second one starts with the materials, then an idea is born. The Matchstick Men series definitely belongs to the second category, all-starting with a couple of head molds, left overs from a movie he made in China and a few bamboo sticks. Fiddling with the two elements, he ended up putting the heads on the bamboo sticks, creating the first Matchstick Men. The first result wasn’t quite as pleasing as hoped. The rounded shape of the bamboo sticks made it less readable, so Wolfgang Stiller decided to replace them with square lumber, a higher quality fabric.

Whatever the interpretation, Matchsticks Men by Wolfgang Stiller are outstanding pieces of art, that twists and bends the imagination of the viewer.


 All images ©Wolfgang Stiller

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