Dutch illustrator Sees Life In Everyday Street Objects

Most of us rush through our everyday lives without noticing the beautiful things around us. Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink offers a creative and playful way of engaging with our surroundings – just stop and watch, she says. Her blog “Stop:Watch” tickles the imagination with a collection of simple street objects that she has given life to by adding a minimal digital illustration.

On her website, artist features both the seemingly uninteresting original image and her altered version. Basically, Tineke shows the difference between what the object is and how she sees it. This is how a stack of oranges turns into a crowd of cheering Holland sports fans. She even managed to turn her unusual art into a fun memory game for kids. And together with the Samsung France team, Tineke created a communications campaign called “Imaginary Safari” that shows life in Paris through a totally new perspective.

“There are always new things to discover when you look at the world a little closer. Open your eyes and see, inspiration is everywhere”- says Meirink. Explore her lovely works!








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