Stunning Geometric Portraits

There’s been some gorgeous geometric patterns in design lately, with each one putting their own unique spin on the method. Here, illustrator Alexander Walker has created a series of geometric portraits that use the pattern work to gorgeous effect. Including the likes of Walter White, Dr. Who and The Rock, the portraits look like they could be made from stained glass thanks to his beautiful technique.

“My inspirations come from creating something out of just lines, just simple shapes. Almost like nodes that connect to each other but they make up the whole image. In a way, it’s like we are all made of the same stuff, you know like flesh and blood, and it’s the same idea only with shapes,” ponders Walker.

“It’s more like ‘constructing’ than it is designing, starting with one line and spreading out from there like electricity. The colors and texture come about just out of feeling. Using the background as a part of the character, for example, space for Mulder, ferns for Ian Malcolm, is something I’m just on the edge on, so it’s becoming a project more about identity.” Geometric shapes and gorgeous colors come together for this inspiring illustrated celebrity portrait series.


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