10 Places We Love to Make Money Online!

10 Places We Love to Make Money Online

1. Elance

Elance is a freelance bidding site. Many writers, designers and virtual assistants find work using Elance. The great thing about this freelance bidding site is the fact it is not uncommon to find yourself a long-term contract with a client who pays well. Many freelancers turn to Elance to fill their schedules and their pockets.

2. Textbroker

If you love to write online content then Textbroker should be your go-to place. When you have spare time and need to make money fast then check out Textbroker. They pay weekly through PayPal. It can be easy to rack up a nice weekly paycheck writing online content articles for Textbroker. Just be sure to watch your commas.

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3. Odesk

Similar to Elance, Odesk is another freelance bidding site. Companies post work they need completed and freelancers compete with each other by bidding on the project. Your experience, presentation and fee are a few factors that can determine if you land the gig! Odesk clients often have long term or ongoing projects that freelancers come to rely on for their weekly pay.

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4. Craigslist Forums

I must be honest and let you know this is a new one for me! But Faith Stewart, a regular contributor and part of the Adventure Team here at Work at Home Adventures says it is one of her favorite places! I visited the Craigslist forum “Job Market” for the first time today and now I am excited to dig a little deeper. Thanks for sharing Faith!

5. BoostCTR

Once accepted to write advertisement blocks for BoostCTR it is a quick and easy place to go to make money online. BoostCTR pays quickly via PayPal and the work is a lot of fun. Plus, if you are a blogger or online marketer then BoostCTR can really benefit you! The experience and training will help you understand writing your own ads or even better contextual ways to generate leads from your blogs/websites.

6. Fancy Hands

Complete tasks online as a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands. I had not worked with Fancy Hands for a very long time and was surprised to find my account still active. Most jobs pay around $3 and take 15-20 minutes to complete. Although Fancy Hands does not hire regularly. The next time you see they are accepting applications- I suggest you apply.

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7. Needle.com

This is something I am JUST starting but I know a lot about Needle! They offer chat based customer service for mainstream brands. I will begin working as a Chat Support agent for Overstock next week. A good friend of mine has been working for Needle for several months and she loves it! Pay is weekly via PayPal and the schedule is very flexible.

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8. LiveOps

Although I have not worked at LiveOps in a long time it is one of the most flexible places you can make money using the internet and your computer. LiveOps is a virtual Call Center that would require you to use a home phone line and requires a quiet background. However, you can make your own schedule or login when available. It is great for people who need to put life before work.

9. Leapforce

Search Engine evaluating at Leapforce was very rewarding for me. As a blogger and web designer it was nice getting a tiny peak at the inner workings of search engine giants like Google and Bing. Leapforce paid fairly well in comparison with most online work and the schedule was flexible. Actually, there was no schedule at Leapforce. I would just log in and work whenever I had the availability.

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10. MTurk

Mturk is a staple in most every freelancers list of places they love to make money online. It is a great place to find tasks that pay quickly. Although many of the tasks, called  HITS, at Mturk pay very low rates there is almost always a few quality and worthwhile clients listing work. The key to making money with Mturk is being on top of the best tasks listed!

Source: www.wahadventures.com

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