25 amazing calendar designs for 2014

Branching out into calendar design is a great way to bring in extra client work and earn more money, not to mention promoting your own portfolio or maybe the product you produce. In this showcase of great calendar design we’ve tried to provide a good cross-section of examples, that offer unique and innovative calendar design approaches to one of the most traditional of products.

01. Nearly Normal

calendar designs
This calendar design is made entirely from paper art

This is a calendar design for all you paper art fans out there. Each month is made entirely from paper – sculpting each fruit piece, the team at Nearly Normal then photograph their sculpture to create a colourful and quite frankly, stunning calendar design.

02. New Idols

calendar designs
A calendar inspired by the flat design of Apple products

A calendar for any Apple junkie! Russian team New Idols created a calendar inspired by the flat design of the Apple iOS products. Rendering the faithful and surprising design created with intelligence, the team played with codes and created some wonderful illustrations.

03. Paper Pusher

calendar designs
Another fine calendar design from Paper Pusher

Designed by JP King, this calendar showcases Risograph printing through an exploration of overprinting, halftones, and fluorescent inks on craft paper. The geometric graphics were created with two goals in mind: imagined depth on a two dimensional surface and accentuate the inherently retro feel of risography.

04. Constellation Animals

calendar designs
A minimal and gorgeous calendar design of constellations

Printed on high quality matte 80lb cover weight paper, this gorgeous animal constellations calendar is where minimal reigns. There’s a simple metal bulldog clip to hang it up, so the illustrations can do most of the talking.

05. Robins

calendar designs
A gorgeous and eco-friendly calendar design

A stunning, super eco-friendly black and white calendar. Twelve pages are hung on a specially hand-made wooden hanger which is crafted in the most eco-friendly way possible, using only biodegradable materials, with absolutely no metal or plastic.

06. Wall Street

2014 calendar designs
 We love the vector style of these calendar illustrations

This Wall Street English 2014 calendar design was created by German designer Luca Fontana. We adore the choice of colours – using a complementary palette to really make the illustrations shine. The vector style lets this calendar design speak for itself.

07. Rare Holidays

2014 calendar designs
Beautiful illustrations teamed with inventive, rare holidays

Created by HAVEASIGN studio and designer Pan Lis, this calendar shows the interesting, funny and curious international and Polish holidays. The heart of the calendar are images, artfully showing both subjects: selected holidays and the date of their event.

08. Shapes calendar

2014 calendar designs
We love this geometric packed, colourful creation

Final year student of Architecture and design enthusiast GianMarco Pollaci created this gorgeous shapes calendar as part of a self-initiated project. Each month portrays a geometric inspired design, that will bring colour into any room. We adore the simple execution and choice of colours.

09. Akira Kusaka illustration calendar

2014 calendar designs
This 2014 calendar design features 12 original illustrations

Calendar designs rarely get better than this. Created by Japanese designer Akira Kusaka, this gorgeous 2014 calendar features 12 original sketches by the illustrator himself – offering us an insight into his beautiful world. There’s inspiration in every month here.

10. Sweet Life

2014 calendar designs
This will be perfect for any designer with a sweet tooth

Created by Philippenes based collective Keso Design and creative Jose Ramos, we’ve fallen head over heels for this delicious calendar design. Picking a sweet treat for each month, the snacks are then brought to life with bold colour and illustration.

11. Mono 2014

2014 calendar designs
This calendar design features skulls, foxes and hot sausage

This weird and wonderful calendar design was created by Polish graphic designer and illustrator Tomasz Kaczkowski. Featuring a wide array of illustrations, Kaczkowski focuses on his favourite things in life – ‘skulls, foxes and hot sauage’. Well, you can’t argue with that!

12. Cats let nothing darken their roar

2014 calendar designs
Spot the month with this cleverly coloured 2014 calendar design

This is the ninth edition of Noa Bembibre’s calendar, which introduces 12 new, witty phrases that hide the name of each month within. Printed in four colours on natural white cover paper, the calendar is finished with its signature black spine and ribbon, in an edition of 1,000 copies.

13. Warrior Letterpress

The 12 musketeers calendar project is a collaboration effort spearheaded by paperreka and is between 12 young, battle-trained designers who formed an alliance and joined forces in honor of defending the art of letterpress.

14. 365 typefaces for 2014

2014 calendar designs
The calendar features 232 designers and foundries from 26 countries

Since 2012, the team behind German design and typography magazine Slanted make it their job to find the”freshest, boldest, most successful and unusual” fonts to feature in their annual ‘Typodarium’ calendar. For 2014, they have brought together 365 fonts – one for every day – by 232 designers and foundries from 26 countries.

15. Lego calendar

“The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio,” design studio Vitamins explain. “It’s made entirely of Lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone, all of the events  will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar. It’s colour-coded for different projects and represents a simple but effective way to organise a studio that’s anything but boring.”

16. Colourful letterpress calendar

COLOURFUL is a 2014 letterpress desk calendar that is printed with a 50-year-old vintage platen press. The calendar design is printed on 100 percent cotton, extra thick card stock made from textile scraps, making it a tree-free eco-friendly product. Each month has a unique design, created for creative inspiration.

17. Wall calendar

calendar design
 This calendar design comes with 100 post-it notes

This wall calendar was designed by German company Populaere Produkte and comes complete with 100 post-it notes, each with a hole to mark and label single days throughout the year. The simple, crisp design gives a clean-cut feel, with the calendar printed on FSC-certified recycled paper – making it eco-friendly too!

18. Fluid Animals

calendar design
A 2014 edition of the ever-popular Fluid Animals calendar design

After the success of the 2013 Fluid Animals calendar, Ben the Illustrator has produced another collection of ‘Fluid Animals’ bringing nature-inspired artwork to the home or office for another 12 months. It features gorgeous new artwork and includes popular and lesser known species, all beautiful in their own way.


calendar design
A calendar design for colour lovers and CMYK enthusiasts

This CMYK calendar is a daily inspiration for anyone that loves colour. Each day a colour stripe can be teared off, with new colour combinations then exposed. Printed on coated and uncoated paper, the stripes can be collected to create colour matching fans. The exact CMYK data is printed on every stripe.

20. Square the circle calendar

calendar design
This calendar design sees a circle squared in pink, black and white

Polish designer Amelia Krysztofiak says, “I decided to literally square the circle – each month’s figure is created from basic division of a square in the circle. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so I only used only three colours and three different textures, which resulted in 14 different styles.

21. Calendar of the year

calendar design
 A calendar design that includes all the full and new moon phases for 2014

This gorgeous calendar print was inspired by JW Goethe’s circle colour concept. It reads like a watch, displaying the monthly temperatures in colours, with the four seasons including solistices and equinoxes as well as all (full and new) moon phases in 2014.

22. Typography calendar

calendar design
We adore the colour and typography in this calendar design

Created by French designer Anthony Tournadre, this typography inspired 2014 calendar design is a brilliant example of symbolism and colour creativity. We adore the use of recycled paper, as well as the gorgeous juxtaposition of the symbols and type. The colours perfectly compliment each other, making for a brilliant execution.

23. Studio Armadillo

calendar design
Each page of this calendar design features a commissioned illustration

This calendar design from Studio Armadillo comes hot off the heels of their successful 2013 offering and celebrates their second birthday. Featuring commissioned illustrations from a whole host of designers, you’ll get plenty of inspiration from every page.

24. Silly holidays

calendar design
A calendar design packed full of silly holidays

Something fun to enjoy for all of 2014, this set of 12 digitally printed 4×6 postcards all come with hand-crafted lettering and illustration. One for each month with a silly (but totally real) holiday including ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’, ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ and ‘International Fanny Pack Day’. The calendar is available over on Etsy.

25. Natural calendar

calendar design
This calendar design comes in either a large print or postcards

Designed by Taiwan based designer Ainorwei Lin, this calendar design celebrates the colourful simplicity of icon design. As each icon design focuses on the weather aspects of each month, the calendar is available both as a large print and as a set of postcards.


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